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Valeska’s Lesson Review

10:03   |  Teacher: Valeska Bass

The reflection conversation plays an important role in the observation/teaching/ professional learning process. In this reflection conversation, we will see Valeska Bass, the teacher, and Melita Alston, the principal, immersed in an opportunity for BOTH educators to learn and grow through CELEBRATIONS/ CONCENTRATIONS of teaching and student learning.

Pay special attention to how Melita supports Valeska’s self-reflection of “what worked for student learning” and “possible improvements” by giving her first voice.  Melita listens carefully and then extends Valeska’s reflection by offering additional observation “noticings” regarding student-to-student learning support as well as examples of “productive learning struggle” (both observation priorities).  Next steps are woven into the collaborative conversation based on The Framework for Teaching Components and the teacher’s specific areas of interest. (Component 4a: Reflection on Teaching’s The teacher’s assessment of the lesson is thoughtful and includes specific indicators of effectiveness; Distinguished; AND Cluster 5-Successful Learning For All; In reflecting on the lesson, the teacher has specific ideas about how the lesson could be improved. The teacher cites student assessment data take will be taken into account in future planning; Distinguished)

Grade 1  |   Reflection Conversation
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