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PK-3 Teach Lead Grow

Free library of early childhood classroom videos, tools and resources to develop effective PreK-3rd grade teachers and leaders


Welcome to the PK-3 Teach Lead Grow Video Library

Welcome to the PK-3 Teach Lead Grow Video Library with videos and resources of classroom teaching, conversations between teachers and their administrators and colleagues. We would recommend that you visit Using the Site web to orient yourself to the website before you access the videos and resources on the Learning Modules. Enjoy!

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We would like to acknowledge and thank the school districts, schools, administrators and teachers who allowed us into their classrooms

We are grateful to their commitment to the project and to advancing the early childhood field. Please visit the Acknowledgements page to learn more about your colleagues. You can also learn more about the amazing teachers and leaders on Meet the Teachers.

Danielson Framework

This project began in 2012 with an analysis of the Danielson Framework for Teaching through the lens of research-based early childhood standards and practices. The project also rests on a foundation of research in Illinois and nationwide. To learn more, please visit the About and Research Foundation pages.

Teaching and Leading Toolbox

Please visit the Teaching and Leading Toolbox page. We will regularly update this page with instructional leadership tools and resources to help early childhood teachers and leaders improve their practices, classrooms, and student learning.


Vision & Goals

The early childhood video library was developed to promote greater understanding of early childhood classroom practices that teachers and leaders in the early childhood years can use to build their knowledge and skills that will foster improvements in classroom settings. This video library will also develop the capacity of teachers and leaders to work collaboratively using professional conversations to guide the teacher evaluation planning and reflection processes.


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