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Valeska Bass

Bryant Elementary School

First Grade Teacher

Number of Years Teaching:
8 years

Different Grades that you have taught:
1st, 4th, 5th, 6th

How did you know that you wanted to teach early learners:
Growing up, my mother had an in-home preschool daycare where I helped after school. I enjoyed working with the kids and decided that I would like to work with children. After working at a prison, I decided to work with kids in their youth while I could still make a difference.

What are a few “non-negotiables” of your early learning classroom (kinda your educational philosophy)?:
Every student will be held to high expectations and pushed to do their best. All students will feel valued, loved and cared for.

What is something that you want us to know about you as a teacher of young children?:
I love my job and don’t look at it as just a job, but I look at my students as my own kids and want to do what I can to help them reach their goals, realize their full potential, and be an advocate for them and their families.

Anything else you would like your viewers to know?:
Working with children is my passion. I also love working with at risk youth and hope to one day develop a center to tutor kids who cannot afford to pay for tutoring. Reading is the gateway to success and my dream is that all kids have an equal opportunity to good quality reading instruction no matter what their socio-economic status.