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Eva’s Planning Conversation

7:03   |  Teacher: Eva Gonzalez Heredia

The planning conversation when the teacher and principal/instructional coach/teaching peer collaborate and focus on the student-learning priorities established through the collective and individual learner needs, core curriculum, and school improvement goals. In this planning conversation, Ms Eva, the teacher, and Ms Apryl, the principal, collaboratively focus on priorities of the lesson plan that the principal will be observing (see Eva’s Classroom) and the unique goals that Ms Eva has for supporting the social and cognitive learning needs of her students. Ms Eva has developed through differentiated small groups, three learning opportunities that are customized for student learning needs. One of the small groups will be working independently, one with Ms Vicki, the teaching assistant, and one group with Ms Eva.  All three groups will be working simultaneously on math but on different activities and aligned learning standards.

Grade PK  |   Planning Conversation
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