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Eva’s Classroom Assessment

1:35   |  Teacher: Eva Gonzalez Heredia

During “Eva’s Assessment”, Ms. Eva is capturing both visual artifacts (ipad photos) and antidotal notes on her assessment checklist regarding student’s progress with these learning standards during a small group math lesson.

Ms Eva is working with her highest math students on two learning standards, LEARNING STANDARD 6.A.ECa: Count with understanding and recognize “how many” in small sets up to 5 (Number words, symbols, counting, and part-whole relationships) and STANDARD 6.A.ECb Use subitizing (the rapid and accurate judgment of how many items there are without counting) to identify the number of objects in sets of 4 or less (Number words, symbols, counting, and part-whole relationships). As the students play the dice game, the teacher is taking visual and antidotal notes about individual student understanding of learning standards. The students are given “feedback that includes specific and timely guidance, at least for group of students” (Component 3d-Using Assessment in Instruction: Proficient) by consistently asking them “What number do we need? Did you get a seven? Is that the number we are looking for?”, as well as checking on student one-to-one match counting and visually knowledge of number sets. These antidotal notes will be used to complete the PreK Math Portfolio on each individual student’s learning progress multiple times each year.

Grade PK  |   Classroom Assessment
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