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Eva’s Classroom Environment Walkthrough

6:05   |  Teacher: Eva Gonzalez Heredia

The classroom environment is purposefully planned to support student learning and reflects ECERS expectations.  In this video Ms Eva will introduce you to the “why, what, and how” she organizes her classroom and how she designs it to student-owned to maximize student emotional safety and opportunities for learning through play.  Albert Einstein stated that “Play is the highest form of research” so the environment must support this learning work.  Pay special attention to how the classroom’s environment and learning activities are all taught/learned through a thematic-based approach.  In this video you will see how the child-initiated centers are all focused on learning through the sea life theme, which evolved through students’ interest in the ocean during a fieldtrip to the Chicago Shedd Aquarium.  This classroom’s centers are developed to a large degree by the students through application of what they learn in the large group lessons/family research projects/fieldtrips and play-based learning.

Grade PK  |   Classroom Environmental Walkthrough
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