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Molly and Michelle’s Team Meeting

0:03:55   |  Teacher: Dr. Molly S. Herman  |  Teacher: Michelle Wolfe

In this video, you will see Molly and Michelle, co-teachers with Janine, their classroom teaching associate highlight their professionalism through collaborative teaming. Charlotte Danielson defines professionalism in this way, “Expert teachers demonstrate professionalism in service both to students and to the profession…as [teachers] gain experience and expertise, educators find ways to contribute to their colleagues and to the profession.” (Framework Cluster 6: Professionalism 4d/4e/4f). Together these educators discuss individual student progress in regards to “what is working”, “what learning needs to be addressed” and “resources/supports that will help”.  As the teaching colleagues plan, they specifically focus on student interests and ways that they can pull family involvement into the lessons. They also link to the Speech Pathologist’s instructional topics/themes as a learning extension. 

Additional examples of Professionalism for enhancing professional learning:

 (4d/4e/4f-Professionalism: The teacher demonstrates a deep commitment to continuing professional learning and engages regularly with the professional community to advance the interests of students; Distinguished)

Grade PK  |   Teaming Review
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