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Michelle and Molly’s Lesson Review

0:10:44   |  Teacher: Dr. Molly S. Herman  |  Teacher: Michelle Wolfe

The reflection conversation plays an important role in the observation/teaching process. In this discussion, you will see Michelle and Molly, the co-teachers and their principal, Ms. Katie immersed in an opportunity for EACH of them to learn and grow through a focus on CELEBRATIONS/ CONCENTRATIONS of teaching and student learning. Katie prompts the teachers to have “first voice” where they share what worked with individual students as well as for the whole class. As Molly shares about a delighter in centers, Katie supports her thinking with links to observation notes that she had taken. Katie also prompts the teachers to think about what they found “fascinating” or even challenging during the lesson. The teachers collaboratively built on each other’s thinking and data notes to focus on next steps. The teachers ended the conversation with a link to a special family writing connection that they had planned for the next day. The reflections on teaching are aligned to specific priorities of The Framework for Teaching Clusters or The Framework for Teaching Components (4a-Reflection on Teaching: The teacher’s assessment of the lesson is thoughtful and includes specific indicators of effectiveness; Distinguished)

Grade PK  |   Reflection Conversation
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