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Michelle, Molly and Katie’s Planning Conversation

0:10:31   |  Teacher: Dr. Molly S. Herman  |  Teacher: Michelle Wolfe

The planning conversation is when teacher(s) and colleague(s) collaboratively focus on student-learning priorities based on student needs, core curriculum, and school improvement goals. In this planning conversation, Molly and Michelle, the co-teachers, and Ms Katie, the principal, collaboratively discuss key priorities of the Community Helpers Unit Lesson Planning (Weekly Plan) as well as the individual lesson that the principal will be observing. A key instructional priority discussed is the use of “one lead/one support” co-teaching approach. Another focus is collaborative teaming by all adults in the room.  Molly and Michelle share how they use group texting as well as video chats to keep everyone connected to learning priorities. The Planning Conversation also links to how Molly and Michelle are approaching the school’s social-emotional goal.  Katie concludes by asking for expectations of the observation so that the data notes can be as useful as possible. 

Grade PK  |   Planning Conversation
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