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Martha’s Reflection Conversation

7:03   |  Teacher: Martha Mancera

The reflection conversation plays an important role in the observation/teaching process. In this discussion, you will see Martha Mancera, the teacher, and the Kindergarten Coach, Karen Smith immersed in an opportunity for BOTH to learn and grow through CELEBRATIONS/ CONCENTRATIONS of teaching and student learning. The teacher and instructional coach discuss how Martha had a student share/read her Sea Animal (Jellyfish) Research Chart to the class and then how Martha extended the sharing of this chart to guide all students’ knowledge/application in writing. Karen provides feedback through “What did you notice…? “What did you think…? How do you…?” linkages and questions that help Martha to determine specific CONCENTRATIONS with aligned NEXT STEPS and RESOURCES of SUPPORT. Feedback aligns to The Framework for Teaching Clusters and The Framework for Teaching Components and the teacher’s specific areas of interest. (Cluster 5-Successful Learning For All; In reflecting on the lesson, the teacher has specific ideas about how the lesson could be improved. The teacher cites student assessment data take will be taken into account in future planning; Distinguished)

Grade K  |   Reflection Conversation
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