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Martha’s Professionalism Conversation

5:38   |  Teacher: Martha Mancera

In this video, you will see Martha Mancera, the teacher, and Karen Smith, the Kindergarten Coach, discuss the work that Martha is doing in the area of professionalism. Charlotte Danielson’s focuses on professionalism in this way, “Expert teachers demonstrate professionalism in service both to students and to the profession…as [teachers] gain experience and expertise, educators find ways to contribute to their colleagues and to the profession.” (Framework Cluster 6: Professionalism 4d/4e/4f). Together these educators will explore how Martha co-plans with her fellow kindergarten teachers to set month-by-month goals for whole grade level. Martha also reflects on how she has used teacher leaders and district-wide Kindergarten monthly cafes to continue to grow her professional practice. She has purposefully developed a professional goal around the implementation of new Eureka Math series in her grade level team meetings (Framework Cluster 6: The teacher takes a leadership role in finding opportunities for continued professional development and in contributing to professional organizations; Distinguished). Martha shares how she purposefully uses Teaching Assistants to support students in literacy and math centers to extend the Whole Group instruction goals. Karen and Martha also discuss the technology shifts that Martha has made in her communication with families to support a stronger family-to-school involvement (Framework Cluster 5-Successful Learning for All: The teacher actively encourages two-way communication with families regarding student learning; Distinguished)

Grade K  |   Professionalism Conversation
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