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Sophia’s Team Review

6:24   |  Teacher: Sophia Dubreuil

In promoting student learning, educators must work together to share strategies, plan joint efforts, and plan for the success of individual students. During weekly team planning sessions, Sophia, the teacher,  and June, the Teaching Associate, take a shared collaborative role in 1) focusing on the needs of new student(s) to the classroom and identify “what is working” and “what do we need to do next” such as “tap-n-ask” strategy with Jace; 2) Look ahead to next week, using the Weekly Family Letter to guide discussions about whole group and individual student learning needs; and 3) Determine “how can we follow the students lead” in learning through play to continue to improve their instructional approach for contributing to student commitment and learning success (4d: Participating in the Professional Community: The teacher AND teaching associate take a shared leadership role in promoting activities related to professional inquiry; Distinguished)

In addition to weekly planning, Sophia and June also meet with the Special Education Service Team on a monthly basis to discuss individual student learning progress. Together these educators co-plan by collaboratively determining key materials and resources that will support individual student IEP goals. The team also discuss individual needs that include family linkages. These learning priorities are documented and used by all members of the team to support the collective learning of the class.  (Framework Cluster 6: The teacher and colleagues make a concerted effort to ensure opportunities are available for all students to be successful; Distinguished)

BONUS Resource focused on PROFESSIONALISM:  Read Sophia Dubreuil’s Interview on Her Professional Journey as an Early Learning Educator and her professional priorities to ensure that ALL students are successful learners (Framework Cluster 6: The teacher regularly contributes to, and leads, significant district and community projects; Distinguished)

Grade PK  |   Teaming Review
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