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Ellen’s Teaming Review

0:06:59   |  Teacher: Ellen Ramsey

In this video, you will see Ms Ellen, Teacher, Ms. Megan, Teaching Associate, and Ms. Megan, Speech Pathologist, highlight their collaborative teaming efforts in professionalism. Charlotte Danielson focuses on professionalism in this way, “Expert teachers demonstrate professionalism in service both to students and to the profession…as [teachers] gain experience and expertise, educators find ways to contribute to their colleagues and to the profession.” (Framework Cluster 6: Professionalism 4d/4e/4f). Together these educators discuss individual student progress in regards to “what is working”, “what learning needs to be targeted” and “resources/supports that will help”.  At 4.00, a collaborative classroom teacher joins their team meeting to discuss an upcoming shared lesson that her class will do with Ellen’s class to support peer-to-peer interactions, language, and appropriate play.  Specific pre-teaching of visual cues/vocabulary in each classroom will be provided by Ms. Megan, Speech Pathologist. (4d/4e/4f-Professionalism: The teacher demonstrates a deep commitment to continuing professional learning and engages regularly with the professional community to advance the interests of students; Distinguished)

Grade PK  |   Teaming Review
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