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Ellen Parent Meeting Review

0:07:36   |  Teacher: Ellen Ramsey

Although the ability of families to participate in their child’s learning at school varies widely, it is a KEY RESPONSIBILITY in early learning for educators to provide opportunities for families to understand both the instructional program and their child’s progress. Teaching staff establish and strengthen relationships with families by 1) communicating with them about the instructional program, 2) conferring with them about individual student learning progress, and 3) inviting them to be a part of the educational process itself.

In this family-teacher conversation, (which is a pre-IEP Goal/Transition Meeting with parent),  one of Ellen’s parents share the changes that she has seen in her child since coming to the center three years ago, when he was not communicating or interacting, to now at age four being able to communicate successfully through pictures and making choices to advance many new goals. Take special notice how Ellen works to develop the IEP goals/plan with the parent, not for the parent. (4c-Communicating with Families: The teacher develops activities designed to engage families successfully and appropriately in their children’s learning; Proficient)

Grade PK  |   Parent Connection
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