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Amy’s Classroom Instruction

14:58   |  Teacher: Amy Haffner

In “Amy’s Instruction Part 1”, Ms Joanie, the District Movement Teacher, Ms. Amy, the teacher, and the Teaching Assistant, and College Intern all work together to facilitate students play/movement while at the same time supporting curriculum concepts: colors, shapes, and rote counting.  This weekly movement lesson enhances both Outside/Gym Time where adults are engaged with students, encouraging peer interactions and language AS WELL AS supports Math 6.A.ECa Standard: Count with understanding and recognize “how many” in small sets up to 5.

Ms Amy and six students in “Amy’s Instruction Part 2” are learning through a science-based small group lesson. The overall learning goal for this small group is Science Standard CC. Experimenting, predicting, and drawing conclusions: 11.A.ECc Plan and carry out simple investigations.

Small Group focuses on the teacher facilitating student intellectual engagement through minds-on learning (Cluster 4: Student Intellectual Engagement 2b/3a/3b/3c).

This part of the early learning process is teacher-initiated (held 2-3 times per week, with written play plans the other days) as children learn “content” through active learning:

  1. Teacher is initiating new skills, experience, idea, use of material, with the scaffolding within the activity to maximize each child’s learning
  2. Teacher and assistant have a consistent group to maximize knowledge of students in order to differentiate instruction and scaffold learning.
  3. Every child has their own materials, experimenting and working at their level, with the teacher differentiating the support
Grade PK  |   Classroom Instruction
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