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What are Your 2020 Teaching Resolutions for Early Learning Impact?

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash


Action Plan adapted from Cult of Pedagogy’s The Gut-Level Teacher Reflection Tool


Use the planning tool below to begin 2020 by celebrating “What’s Working for Early Learning” in your classroom as well as concentrating on your next steps in your professional practice. Consider these five early learning ESSENTIAL teaching areas, using the templates that are provided in the planning tool, to determine what in you practice gives off positive feelings (+), presents growth opportunities (Δ), or might even be an area of challenge for you and your kiddos right now (). 


(PLEASE NOTE: This planning tool was used in the May 2019 Blog. It is a great professional planning tool to self-assess/reflect on your current teaching impact OR reconnect to goals that you might have made during the summer or at the beginning of the school year.)


Now that you have taken stock of your teaching/learning approach, determine some priorities and action steps for the upcoming months! For each of the key five areas documented here, identify one or two priorities with aligned next steps.  They may be positives into which you want to put more energy, negatives you want to correct, or ambiguities that need more investigation. Then, jot down a concrete plan to address each priority in the action planning template below. Think big, develop specific steps and have fun imagining what these priorities can “look and sound like” for you and your students in 2020 ☺!

So…what are your BIG 2020 RESOLUTIONS for your students AND yourself?!!!


Alternative to 2020 Teaching Resolution Action Planning…                                

If the above approach is just a little too much, consider choosing JUST ONE of the Pk-3 teaching areas listed above and go to Download the template, Finding the Right Path for You on Pk-3 Teach Lead Grow. Develop a do-able approach to making your 2020 Teaching sparkle with lots of student learning!

Photo by Wout Vanacker on Unsplash