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Andy’s Professional Learning Teaming Review

0:08:06   |  Teacher: Andy Frankel

In promoting student learning, educators must work together to share strategies, coordinate joint instructional efforts, and plan for the success of individual students. In this video, watch how Andy works with the university teaching supervisor to empower Mr. Anderson, the student teacher/intern to develop his lesson plans to be able to address       1) key learning priorities, 2) engaging/well designed instructional resources, and 3) ways to facilitate the learning success in the whole group as well as with individual students.  Andy also encourages Mr. Anderson to take risks and learn from them and know that NOBODY does this work alone! (4d: Participating in the Professional Community: The teacher takes a key leadership role in promoting activities related to professional inquiry, AND 4f: Professionalism: The teacher takes a leadership role in team and school-level decision making; ALL Distinguished).

Grade 3  |   Teaming Review
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